114 Conway Dr. • Greer South Carolina • 864-877-5191

Foundry Processes

We currently run an olivine sand, overhead sand line with:

  • Squeezer molding machines (two sizes).
  • International roto-lift molding machine (for larger castings). 
  • Floor molding for large special castings.

We also have a permanent mold line for production run parts that are suitable for permanent mold process with:

  • Stall 18 x 24 tilt pour machine

Foundry Alloys

Our stock production alloys are:

  • 319.1 secondary aluminum
  • 356.1 secondary aluminum
  • A356.2 primary aluminum
  • A100.1 primary aluminum

We offer in house manual machining consisting of:

  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Milling
  • Turning

We also partner with local machine shops to offer CNC machining of all types.



Barbare's Aluminum Foundry, Inc.
114 Conway Dr. • Greer South Carolina • 864-877-5191