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About Us 

Barbare’s Aluminum Foundry, Inc. is a family owned and operated small business established in 1955 by second generation foundry men Eugene Barbare and his brother James.  In 1984 James retired and Eugene's son Danny became a partner.  We are now a third generation business as Danny's son Heath is now a part of the business.

We have been located in Greer, SC, at the same location since 1955.

We are a Job Shop / Production Shop, producing sand and permanent mold aluminum castings from several ounces to more than 100 pounds.

Our purpose is to provide the best product and service available with a personal touch.

We serve customers that use thousands of castings per year as well as the customer with smaller needs. We serve customers, in the repair business, with special, one time, castings needed in a timely manner.

We can provide a machined casting to your specifications with powder coating also available.

We also manufacture and market our own line of Fishing & Marine Products including the RodTight RodHolder, and the Cleat-On Lantern Holder.

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Pattern and Tooling Policy:

Patterns and Tooling Owned by Customer:


  1. Ownership:  If a pattern or tooling is quoted and paid for by customer such tooling becomes the property of the customer upon payment for tooling unless stated otherwise.  If a customer sends us their existing patterns the customer retains ownership unless stated otherwise below.


  2. Possession General:  Barbare’s Aluminum Foundry, Inc. will retain possession of all patterns and tooling until all outstanding invoices have been paid in full.  If customer defaults on any outstanding invoices all patterns and tooling will become the property of Barbare’s Aluminum Foundry, Inc.


  3. Possession:  Customer may take possession of patterns and tooling at any time as long as all outstanding invoices have been paid in full.


  4. Tooling Use and Confidentiality:  Customers patterns and tooling will only be used to make parts for the customer who owns the patterns or their representative and will not be used for any other purpose or any other customer without permission of the owner.


  5. Care:  We take great pride in all patterns used in our facility and care for them as best as we can.  With the best of care damage or loss may occur that is beyond our control.  If damage or loss occurs the customer is responsible for the cost of such repair or replacement.  Patterns are stored in our locked facility when unattended.


  6. Repair and Replacement:  If any repairs or replacement is required customer will be informed of an estimated cost to perform such work and billed for repairs or replacements.


  7. Insurance:  We do not provide insurance on customer’s patterns or tooling.  Customer may opt to maintain insurance on patterns and tooling left in our facility if they wish.


  8. Disposal:  Patterns will not be disposed of without customer’s approval in writing.  Patterns may be disposed of if customer defaults on outstanding invoices in excess of one year.  Patterns left in our possession for more than five years with no activity may be disposed of after notification to customer if customer is still in business.

In GOD We Trust 

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Barbare's Aluminum Foundry, Inc.
114 Conway Dr. • Greer South Carolina • 864-877-5191