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Established in 1955, Barbare’s Aluminum Foundry, Inc. is a family owned and operated small business located in Greer, SC., U.S.A.

We are a Job Shop / Production Shop producing sand and permanent mold aluminum castings from several ounces to more than 100 pounds.

We also manufacture and market our own line of Fishing & Marine Products including the  RodTight Rod Holder, and the Cleat-On Lantern Holder.

In addition we now manufacture and market our own line of Building Products.  These products are the former Progressive Building Products cast aluminum post bottoms in sizes for 4" x 4", 5" x 5", 6" x 6", and 4" x 6" wood posts.

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Fishing & Marine Products By Barbare's Aluminum Foundry, Inc 

RodTite Rod Holder, Cast Aluminum
  • RodTite Rod Holders designed and used by Striped Bass, Crappie and Catfish Fishermen
  • Securely holds your expensive rod and reel
  • Easy rod removal with big fish on
  • Adjustable - Vertical tilt & Horizontal direction
  • Rubberized coating, on our marine grade cast aluminum rod holder frame, prevents scratches and reduces noise
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Usable with most types of rod and reel combinations
  • Fits any 1/2"-13nc base (not included)
  • Included: One coated cast aluminum rod holder frame, one 1/2" x 4" SS stem bolt, one 1/2" SS flat washer, one 1/2" SS wing nut, one 1/2" SS nut.
  • Assemble with ½” SS stem bolt (standard 4” long) through slot with head inside rod holder body, add SS flat washer and top SS wing nut with flat up toward rod holder body then add bottom SS standard nut, install stem in base, adjust, tighten and go fishing.
  • Minimum mounting height above any flat deck should be greater than rod butt length for easy rod removal
  • patent pending

    RodTite Rod Holder: $21.95/ea.

    plus shipping & handling

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Fishing & Marine Products

Building Products By Barbare's Aluminum Foundry, Inc. 

Building Products

We manufacture and market our own line of Building Products.

We currently offer cast aluminum post bottoms, Raised Post Bottom or Top Trim Castings in sizes for 4" x 4", 5" x 5", 6" x 6", and 4" x 6" (nominal size) wood posts.

Our, post bottoms, Raised Post Bottom or Top Trim Castings add a decorative trim as well as raising the wood post off of the floor to help with wood decay and possibly help with termite control. They may also be used at the top of the post for a decorative trim.

We supply these, post bottoms, Raised Post Bottom or Top Trim Castings in unfinished aluminum that may be painted with a proper paint process for aluminum.

We can also provide our, post bottoms, Raised Post Bottom or Top Trim Castings in a black powder coat finish. (Call us for details) 

Dealer inquires are welcome.

General Job Shop Products 

Industrial Castings

We cast a variety of Industrial Castings to the customers specifications with machining, powdercoating and other services avaliable.

In GOD We Trust 

Cleat-on Lantern Holder

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Fishing & Marine Products

StreetSmart, LLC (Another Barbare's Aluminum Foundry, Inc. Product)

StreetSmart, LLC - Provider of Accessories for Decorative Street Lighting Poles and Other Decorative Products:

  • Decorative Cast Aluminum Street Sign Frames
  • Cast Aluminum Traffic Sign Backplates
  • Banner Arms and Combination Banner Arm/Flag Holders
  • Flower Pot Hangers
  • Poles and Bases
  • Decorative Mailboxes
  • Custom Products

link:  StreetSmart, L.L.C.



RodTight Rod Holders

StreetSmart, L.L.C.


Barbare's Aluminum Foundry, Inc.
114 Conway Dr. • Greer South Carolina • 864-877-5191